• Battle Of Britain Spitfire

    Battle Of Britain Spitfire

    Sleeveprint: "So much owed by so many to so few Battle of Britain 1940" 75th anniversary special offer - £3 Off - Just £19.99. Usual price £22.99 thereafter. The Spitfire was without doubt th…
  • 1943 Dambusters

    1943 Dambusters

    Lancaster Fuselage markings, Dambusters Raid, May 1943  It was in 1943 on land, sea and air that the tide turned against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. On 17th May of that year the ingenious Bar…
  • 1943 Italian Resistance

    1943 Italian Resistance

    Volunteers of Liberty Corps Badge  In 1943 on land, sea and air the tide turned against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Our Italian Resistance T-shirt uses a badge from the Italian Partisans who f…
  • Stalingrad Airforce

    Stalingrad Airforce

    "From the Politodelets Collective Farm to the Defenders of Stalingrad."

    Sleeveprint: Stalingrad 1942-1943 The Hour of Courage   In 1942 the Nazi onslaught on the Russian city of Stalingrad was to be Hitler's strategy to complete the defeat of the Red Army. Yet with…
  • 1943 Kursk

    1943 Kursk

    T-34 Tank Outline, message on turret reads 'To Berlin'  / Sleeveprint : Fighting Fascism 1943-2013 In 1943 on land, sea and air the tide turned against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Our Battle o…
  • 21st Army Group

    21st Army Group

    "21st Army Group : Northern France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. June 1944-May1945."

    Sleeveprint: VE Day, 8 May 1945, Fascism Defeated. Our design features the shoulder flash worn by the 21st Army Group. Commanded by Field Marshal 'Monty' Montgomery it consisted of British and Cana…
  • Chindits


    Sleeveprint: Fighting for Freedom South-East Asia 1940-45 In September 1940 Imperial Japan invaded French Indochina and the South-East Asia campaign of World War Two commenced, ending on VJ Day 15 …
  • Hiroshima 2015

    Hiroshima 2015

    "06.08.1945 Protest and Survive"

    For a decade or so Philosophy Football has been proud to mark a wide variety of WW2 anniversaries in the cause of the defeat of nazism and fascism. We don't 'celebrate war' we commemorate the sacrific…
  •  1914-18 Remembrance (Print)

    1914-18 Remembrance (Print)

    A strictly limited print each individually signed by the artist Dan Murrell. Highest quality silk screen production by the famous London Bop Eight printing studio. A design produced by Philosophy F…
  •  D-Day Hawker Typhoon

    D-Day Hawker Typhoon

    Sleeveprint: D-Day against Fascism 6 June 1944 6th June 1944, D-Day and the beginning of the end for Nazi-occupied western and northern Europe. Our design features the colours and markings of an RA…