1914-18 Remembrance Print

 1914-18 Remembrance Print

A strictly limited and numbered edition print, each one individually signed by the artist Dan Murrell.

Highest quality silk screen production by the famous London Bop Eight printing studio. A design produced by Philosophy Football co-founder Hugh Tisdale and renowned illustrator Dan Murrell. A silhouette of an unknown soldier, with a football instead of a rifle in hand, a single red poppy to remind us of the terrible physical and psychological damage that the 'War to End All Wars' resulted in. The soldier, place and date are unspecified. He'd sooner be playing football, away from the horror. And of course famously on Christmas Day 1914 soldiers from both sides did just that, a brief but hugely symbolic episode of rank-and-file resistance to the juggernaut of war which left 22 million dead. He'd rather be playing football but all his mates who would play in his team would soon be be dead at Loos or Vimy Ridge or the Somme or Passchendaele.

The framed print measures 580 x620 mm. Specially delivered in safe and secure packaging.

Product Code: 1156

Framed £180.00

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