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  • RFC Roundel

    RFC Roundel

    At the outbreak of war early British aircraft carried Union Jack markings, but these proved to be insufficiently clear in identifying friend from foe, so in October 1914 the Royal Flying Corps, predec…
  • Fusiliers 1915

    Fusiliers 1915

    "1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, 29th Division, W Beach, Cape Helles, 25 April 1915. Sleeveprint: Remembering Gallipoli 1915-2015"

    The Gallipoli campaign was a seaborne invasion of Ottoman Turkey, an attempt to break the lethal stalemate of the northern European trench warfarer. The aim was to capture Constantinople (Istanbul), f…
  • Somme 1916

    Somme 1916

    On 1st July 1916, after a week-long artillery barrage of over one million shells, combined British and French armies launched the Battle of the Somme, planned in part to relieve pressure on the French…
  •  Services Rendered

    Services Rendered

    Design based on the WW1 lapel badge issued to all those honourably discharged from Britain's armed services as a result of their wounds. Commemorating all the war wounded, whether mentally or physical…
  • We Shall Overcome 2017

    We Shall Overcome 2017

    For the past four years we have supportd the brilliant We Shall Overcome festival. This is 'bottom-up 'at it's very best. Local gigs, all over the country. Collecting donations for local foodbanks …
  • 2018 England

    2018 England

    Our very own, and strictly unofficial, England World Cup postage stamp with a revolutionary figurehead in place of the usual. Lets just hope the team are still in the tournament by the time the postca…
  • Eric Hobsbawm 2018 (without back)

    Eric Hobsbawm 2018 (without back)

    Eric Hobsbawm, the finest of all historians in our book provides the most succinct commentary on the collision of national identity and an England kit this 2018 and every other tournament, summer. Red…
  • Ashes 2017-18

    Ashes 2017-18

    The Ashes. The greatest rivalry in world sport? Certainly one of them.   Our design redecorates the map of Australia with the 2017-18 five Test match venues and dates handily added too. Unisex …
  • Che In Verse book

    Che In Verse book

    Che in Verse is the first collection in English solely devoted to poetry and songs about the world's most celebrated icon of rebellion. It contains more than 100 poems from over 40 countries about  …
  • England Expects book

    England Expects book

    England Expects is the definitive history of the England football team. From the inaugural international matches in the mid-19th century, via the glories of 1966 through to 2010 to the advent of Fabi…
  • Inside The Labyrinth book

    Inside The Labyrinth book

    Syriza: Inside the Labyrinth  exclusively signed by the author. For all of 2015 the world’s eyes were on Greece. The Syriza government elected in January under the leadership of Alexis Tspiras th…
  • Euro Le Frog 2016

    Euro Le Frog 2016

    In 1966 the very first World Cup Mascot was adopted, one of the three lions in the shape of World Cup Willie, complete with fab four style mop-top. We thought we'd mark the 50th anniversary of this tr…
  • Euro England 2016

    Euro England 2016

    With a record-breaking four English-speaking nations at a European Championships (plus a dash of Welsh and Gaelic thrown in) our strictly unofficial shirt helped avoid any confusion with the other lo…
  • Euro Northern Ireland 2016

    Euro Northern Ireland 2016

    The first time at a major championship since Mexico '86, Northern Ireland's green army of fans makes a triumpant return, having followed their team through a table-topping qualifying campaign. With a …
  •  Sun Tzu

    Sun Tzu

    "Know your opponent and know yourself - make one hundred challenges without hazard" Sun Tzu

    A midfield general, Sun Tzu marshalled his players well, before firing shot after shot into the opposition penalty area. Unisex size small (36inch chest/90cms). Available as listed in drop-down m…
  • COR8YN


    Our design is based on a personalised number plate. A classic symbol of conspicuous consumption fixed to a car, but in our design it becomes a symbol of all who share Labour's hopes Available in wo…
  • Alf Garnett

    Alf Garnett

    "Football is working class ballet." Alf Garnett

    STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION - BESPOKE GARMENT On a classic claret and blue shirt exclusively tailored and manufactured for Philosophy Football, this is a strictly limited edition of just 112 garments,…
  •  Enemy Within (Classic)

    Enemy Within (Classic)

    ALL PROFITS FROM THIS SHIRT DONATED TO THE Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. PLUS! Half-price and postage-free Enemy Within book when purchased with your T-shirt. Remember Season 1984/85? Di…
  • Corbyn Star Wars

    Corbyn Star Wars

    Steve Bell's portayal of Obi-Wan-Kenobi-Corbyn against the ark (ble) forces of the Galaxy. Available in women's fitted size medium (14).