Question Number One : Are You Ethical? 

As a company that styles itself as 'Philosophy Football' we have a philosophical answer to this question, it depends on your ethics. Despite the most best of intentions 'ethical' has become a marketing fad devoid of almost any intellectual coherence.  

> For what it's worth we use T-shirts manufactured in Canada by factories that comply with the North America Fair Labor Agreement.

> Our T-shirts are printed in North London by two small companies, producer-owned, one is run in part by a Chelsea fan but we've excused him this misdemeanor. In the distant past one of the printers was the merchandising arm of The Clash, we don't believe you can get much more ethical than that.

> We pay ourselves above the living wage but not enough to drive around in a Rolls Royce (one half the founding partnership can't drive so such conspicuous consumption wouldn't be much use even if we were in favour of it).  We exceed all statutory requirements in terms of holiday entitlement and company pension scheme.

> We don't own a company car (see above) but we do own a company bicycle regularly raced in sportive at some considerable speed. 

> We support local communities where the company is based, Lewes and Harwich, including a food bank, arts festivals, music venues, schools, charities, Lewes FC and Harwich & Parkeston FC.

> We are actively involved in initiatives against mod£rn football and for an inclusive England fan culture.

> No end of line shirts are thrown away instead they are donated to homeless and aid charities.

> We publicly support the re-nationalisation of the Royal Mail and in the meantime continue to use it rather than private courier companies.

> We pay all our taxes onshore, the closest we get to off-shore is the quay at the end of the road from our office in Harwich.

> We actively support a range of causes including Hope not Hate, International Brigade Memorial Trust, People's Assembly Against Austerity, Palestine Solidarity, Cuba Solidarity, We Shall Overcome Weekend, CND, Stop the War.

> We are proud to work with the TUC and individual trade unions, including the RMT, GMB, Unite, Unison and FBU, on a range of joint initiatives. 

>As far as we know most of those companies who trade on being 'ethical' didn't collect thousands of scarves during the 2015 Refugee Crisis to donate to the Refugee Camps and keep human beings warm over the winter.  Nor did they put staff time into canvassing against the BNP in Barking in the 2010 General Election. Or send one of the founders of the company on three occasions to drive a lorry and break the siege of Gaza . We did.


These are our ethics. They might not be yours, its entirely up to you whether you agree or disagree with some, any or even all of them. We believe our customers are intelligent enough to make that choice. For Philosophy Football ethics is not a meaningless label to be stuck on our tee shirts. 


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