• We Shall Overcome 2019

    We Shall Overcome 2019

    Our fifth annual We Shall Overcome T-shirt for this excellent initiative, raising thousands of pounds for local food banks, homelessness and anti-poverty campaigns. All done by gigs, across the co…
  • Specials Gangsters record label

    Specials Gangsters record label

    On Friday 4th May the release of the debut single from The Specials 'Gangsters'  and the first from the brand new independent record label Coventry-based 2 Tone, TT1. Our design uses the original lab…
  • The Face of 2 Tone

    The Face of 2 Tone

    Invented by The Special's Jerry Dammers, the 2 Tone records' logo was called 'Walt Jabsco'. Jerry had bought an old American bowling shirt from a charity shop and it had the name Walt Jabsco embroi…
  •  2 Tone Nation

    2 Tone Nation

    2 Tone Records. The '79 label that launched the careers of The Specials, Madness, The Selecter, The Beat, The Bodysnatchers. Ska, the sound Jamaica brought to Britain in the 1960s and reinvented by …
  • 2 Tone Union Jack

    2 Tone Union Jack

    2 Tone followed on from Rock against Racism (RAR), the original Specials final gig was the Leeds Rock against Racism Carnival of '81. But unlike the dayglo DIY activism of RAR, 2 Tone was a musica…
  • The Selecter record label

    The Selecter record label

    'Selecter' is Jamaican slang for a DJ. The haunting instrumental written in early 1979 by Neol Davies and John Bradbury, of The Specials, was a vital part of the original Coventry ska sound. Two mo…
  • Rock Against Racism rebel music

    Rock Against Racism rebel music

    30.04.78 Victoria Park, Hackney, London. The Clash, Tom Robinson Band, X-Ray Spex, Steel Pulse, Patrik Fitzgerald. The first Rock against Racism Carnival in glorious dayglo.  The Nazis? No Freedom, N…
  • Clash 1977

    Clash 1977

    In April 1977 The Clash released their debut album, with Strummer, Jones, Simonon and Chimes kick-starting the punk'n'politics mix that in a short time they turned into Revolution Rock, to become for …
  • Clash Play Loud

    Clash Play Loud

    Janie Jones, White Riot, Remote Control, London's Burning, Career Opportunities, and plenty more too. Few lasted much more than two minutes. All became instant anthemic classics. Our design provides b…
  • Clash Garageland

    Clash Garageland

    "I don't want to hear about what the rich are doing, I don't want to go to where, where the rich are going." Strummer's words match our sentiments exactly. Imagine the type of people you would meet…
  • Police and Thieves (Original mix)

    Police and Thieves (Original mix)

    The Clash are best known as one of the pioneers of punk. But right from the start they showed a huge interest in different musical forms. Their cover of reggae hit 'Police and Thieves' was one of the …
  • Clash Tommy Gun

    Clash Tommy Gun

    November '78. The Clash release their second album, Give 'Em Enough Rope. For those who heard it back then and can stil hum the tune to 'Tommy Gun’ it seems just like yesterday, and we have the st…
  •  Billy Bragg Revolution

    Billy Bragg Revolution

    "The Revolution is just a T-shirt away" Billy Bragg

    Sleeve print: Life's Still a Riot 1983-2008 Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of Billy's debut album, Life's a Riot with Spy vs Spy. Featuring the line from ' Waitinf for the Great L…
  •  Jam Down In The Tube Station At

    Jam Down In The Tube Station At

    Sleeveprint: Weller Foxton & Buckler 1978 The Jam played their last live performance on 11 December 1982. Three decades on their explosive mix of Weller's lyrics wth Foxton and Buckler driving th…
  •  Jam Eton Rifles

    Jam Eton Rifles

    "Thought you were clever when you lit the fuse, Tore down the House of Commons in your brand new shoes." The Jam

    Sleeveprint: Buckler, Foxton & Weller  The Jam played their last live performance on 11 December 1982. Three decades on their explosive mix of Weller's lyrics wth Foxton and Buckler driving the rh…
  • Pistols EMI Anarchy in the UK

    Pistols EMI Anarchy in the UK

    26 November 1976 - The Sex Pistols' debut single Anarchy in the UK is released on EMI. Less than two months later EMI drop the Pistols after their infamous swearing while being interviewed by Bill …
  • Bob Dylan A-Changin

    Bob Dylan A-Changin

    Arguably Dylan's greatest of greatest hits. His '64 song was destined to become an anthem of the 1960's youth revolt for civil rights against war. The times didn't change as much as Dylan and the r…
  •  Edward Elgar

    Edward Elgar

    "We banged the leather for goal! " With original music written in Elgar's hand

    Best known for his Land of Hope and Glory Elgar's beloved Wolves have enjoyed less of the latter in recent years. But when Elgar was a fan in the late 1890's they had just enjoyed their first FA Cup w…
  •  Garageland (Print)

    Garageland (Print)

    "I don't want to hear about what the rich are doing. I don't want to go where, where the rich are going."

    Limited edition print of just 50, each is individually nunbered and signed by the artist, Hugh Tisdale. Available unframed or framed. Print unframed 600x400mm, framed 650x450mm. Strictly unoffical,…
  •  Woody Guthrie

    Woody Guthrie

    "Work more and better, work by a schedule, wash teeth if any, shave, take bath, eat good fruit.vegetables/milk, drink very scant if any, write a song a day, wear clean clothes, look good, shine shoes, change socks, change bedclothes often, read lots good books, listen to radio a lot, learn people better, keep rancho clean, don't get lonesome, stay glad, keep hoping machine running, dream good, bank all extra money, save dough, have company but don't waste time, send Mary and kids money, play and sing good, dance better, help win war, beat fascism." Woody Guthrie

    For Christmas 1941 at the height of World War Two Woody Guthrie composed a collection of New Year resolutions, or 'rulins' as he called them. Poetic in composition, richly personal, passionate in thei…
  • London Calling (Print)

    London Calling (Print)

    Highly-collectable large hand-stenciled print. Limited edition of 50. 560x560mm six-process print on heavyweight archival paper.  Price includes frame, crate and UK tracked delivery. For oversea…
  • Pistols Holiday in the Sun

    Pistols Holiday in the Sun

    The fourth and final Sex Pistols single, Holidays in the Sun, by the original line up (Sid having replaced Matlock) sums up with wry observation what at the time was the New World Order, but now is d…
  • Madness The Prince record label

    Madness The Prince record label

    10th August '79 a Prince was born. 'Buster, he sold the heat with a rock-steady beat'. If that line and the frantic skanking that follows rings any bells you'll know precisely The Prince we're talkin…