Brand New Cadillac

Brand New Cadillac

14.12.79. The Clash's third album London Calling is released. The double-album catapulted The Clash from punk originals to the frontline of a generation's cultural resistance against all that Thatcher, elected in May of the same year, represented. Blimey couldn't we do with Joe, Mick, Paul and Topper right now.

Across the 19 tracks a wide range of influences on the band were showcased, one of which was a foursome no longer 'bored with the USA' rather inspired by it as a place every bit as much about rebellion as the country of the Vietnam war which had ended only 4 years previously.  Brand New Cadillac is a track drenched in Americana, but also the 'our bodies, ourselves' spirit of a newly emergent Women's Liberation Movement. Oh, and you could dance to it.

Part of our London Calling range. Strictly unofficial.

Unisex size small (36inch chest/90cms) andwomen's fitted size 14

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