•  Bill Shankly

    Bill Shankly

    "The socialism I believe in is everyone working for each other, everyone having a share of the rewards. It's the way I see football, the way I see life" Bill Shankly

    Shankly's red army was all-conquering. As a manager Bill believed in redistributing the spoils to everyone, bar the blue hordes from Goodison, 'course.  Number 4? These words of Shankly represe…
  • England Champions Women's Euro 2022  T-shirt

    England Champions Women's Euro 2022 T-shirt

    England Women's Euro 2022 Champions T-shirt Forever wear the indelible memories of an unforgettable July 2022. Each of England's victories with full match details: Austria, Norway, Northern Ire…
  • England Champions Women's  Euro 2022 Tote Bag

    England Champions Women's Euro 2022 Tote Bag

    Perfect for school to carry boots and books. Or for grown ups bits, bobs and shopping.  Whatever the age group carry the indelible memories of an unforgettable July 2022. Each of England's vict…
  • Women's Euro 2022

    Women's Euro 2022

    One Lioness on our shirt in a unique 1970s icon style, with all sixteen Euro 22 nations. Wear with pride in a changing game, if not quite yet one of two (equal) halves Curently available in unis…
  • 2022 World Cup 32 Nations

    2022 World Cup 32 Nations

    With Wales, Australia and Costa Rica securing the final three spots at World Cup 2022 we have finally been able to complete our always hugely popular 32-nation design. The last one before the Worl…
  • Wales 2022 World Cup Qualification

    Wales 2022 World Cup Qualification

      LIMITED EDITION  2022 WORLD CUP QUALIFICATION SHIRT   Limited edition, only 50 printed once this first run gone, deleted and those 50 and after a 64-year wait become highly prized! …
  • No Extra Time for the Climate Emergency

    No Extra Time for the Climate Emergency

    ALL PROFITS FROM THIS SHIRT HELP LAUNCH 'NO EXTRA TIME FOR THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY'  CAMPAIGN PROJECT  The Rapid Transition Alliance estimate that by the 2049-50 season 23 of the  92 league club…
  • Manchester City Champions 2022

    Manchester City Champions 2022

    Limited Edition Man City Champions - second-by-second!  0-2 down after 69 minutes, followed by 336 seconds of astonishing Manchester City magic! A unique Philosophy Football 'match report' - …
  • Manchester City Legacy Fan

    Manchester City Legacy Fan

    Since the arrival of Sheikh Mansour, with Pep in tow shortly afters, City fans have enjoyed the benefits of the club's new found wealth and huge success.  Yet when the same ownership sought t…
  • Manchester City Quintuple

    Manchester City Quintuple

    LIMITED EDITION - LAST FEW REMAINING Some say City in 2019 won the first domestic Treble, but as Pep reminded reporters only in the mens' game. Arsenal won the womens's treble 2008-09. City them…
  • Chelsea World Club Champions

    Chelsea World Club Champions

    LIMITED EDITION Just like May and August '21 all over again. Chelsea now have the triple, Champions League, European Super Cup and World Club Champions.   To celebrate the club's first ev…
  • Chelsea Legacy Fan

    Chelsea Legacy Fan

    20.04.21 Chelsea vs Brighton at the 'Bridge but the main action was Chelsea fans occupying Fulham Road outside. Extinction Rebellion has nothing on the protest power of Blues fans moved to d…
  • Jürgen Klopp

    Jürgen Klopp

    "This is Anfield. These are our streets. These are our routines, this is our home. These are our Saturdays, our nights after school, these are our colours, our flags, our pubs, our gates, our mates, …
  • Liverpool Legacy Fan

    Liverpool Legacy Fan

    The fans' defeat of the European anything-but-super League had to be for all supporters one of the best things to come out of 2021.  Wear the 'Legacy Fan' label in Liverpool colours, wit…
  • Liverpool 5-0

    Liverpool 5-0

    LIMITED EDITION SHIRT - TO BE DELETED ONCE FIRST RUN SOLD OUT   If you're a Man Utd fan you might want to look away now. Mohamed Salah, first away player to score a hat trick at Old Tra…
  • Gérard Houllier

    Gérard Houllier

    He managed the club to the unique Liverpool 'treble' of the 2000/01 FA Cup, League Cup, and UEFA Cup. In the summer the Charity Shield and European Super Cup were added. And the season after…
  • Maradona


    LIMITED EDITION SHIRT - DELETED AS WE RUN OUT OF SIZES   1986 Mad Cow disease, Gorbachev's Glasnost, The Communards and The Housemartins, Reagan in the White House, Thatcher at Number Te…
  •  Lev Yashin

    Lev Yashin

    "The joy of seeing Yuri Gagarin flying in space is only superseded by the joy of a good penalty save" Lev Yashin

    The original black cat, Lev collectivised his penalty area before taking two steps forward, one step back and plucking the ball out of the air. Unisex sizes small (36 inch chest/90cms), medium (40i…
  • Eusebio


    "Black or white we have football under our skin." Eusebio

    Fifty years ago Eusebio was one of the stars of the tournament, winning the Golden Boot as top scorer. This was a very different era to now. With few exceptions European football was an all-white team…
  • Leeds Bielsa Champions 2020

    Leeds Bielsa Champions 2020

    LIMITED EDITION "A man with new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph" Marcelo Bielsa OK we might not be dispatching many of these to Manchester postcodes but when Leeds went up wit…
  • Spurs Legacy Fan

    Spurs Legacy Fan

    Spurs fans know what 'legacy fans stand for its's got precious little to do with Daniel Levy. Already in pretty much open revolt against a self-interested club ownership Spurs fans reacted imme…
  • United May 68

    United May 68

    29th May '68, The red half of Manchester conquer Europe, though curiously, for arguably their greatest ever triumph, United played in blue! The first English team to win the European Cup, Charlton (tw…
  •  Eric Cantona

    Eric Cantona

    "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea" Eric Cantona

    A dedicated enigmaticist, Eric was a fan of cod philosophising, coupled with a touch of the eastern art of Kung Fu. Strictly unofficial. Unisex sizes small (36 inch chest/90cms), medium (40inch/100…
  • Marcus Rashford

    Marcus Rashford

    £5 from every 'Leader of the Opposition' shirt sold will be donated by Philosophy Football to the food banks school summer holidays appeal in the two towns where we are based, Harwich an…
  • Jock Stein

    Jock Stein

    Jock Stein was right. The piped sound of the crowd, cardboard cut out fans, banners draped over empty seats. Nobody can pretend this is football as it's supposed to be. Absolutely necesary under t…
  • Jack Charlton memorial shirt

    Jack Charlton memorial shirt

    LIMITED EDITION A Leeds, England and Republic of Ireland Great has been laid to rest. A one club man Jack was also a miner, a soldier and anti-fascist. At Leeds he won the League championship,…
  • Chelsea 2021 Champions League Winners

    Chelsea 2021 Champions League Winners

    Limited edition T-shirt, order before deletion Just like 2012 all over again. Chelsea European champions once more, and just like back then, against opponents most had down as the favourites too…
  • Liverpool Champions 2020

    Liverpool Champions 2020

    LIMITED EDITION - LAST FEW REMAINING  At long last the Liver Bird has the Premier League trophy in its clutches! Our Liverpool Champions shirt celebrates not only the club's 19th league cham…
  • Arsenal Magnificent Fourteen

    Arsenal Magnificent Fourteen

    LIMITED EDITION  ONLY AVAILABLE WHILE FIRST RUN OF SHIRTS STOCK AVAILABLE   And Arteta makes it 14! Arsenal have now further stretched their lead as the club that's won the FA Cup more than…
  • Moore Hurst & Peters

    Moore Hurst & Peters

    STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION - BESPOKE GARMENT On a classic claret and blue shirt exclusively tailored and manufactured for Philosophy Football, this is a strictly limited edition of just 1112 garments…
  •  Philosophy T-shirt

    Philosophy T-shirt

    The Philosophy Football logo in all its classic glory. Show off your intellectual credentials with t-shirted pride. In navy blue as shown and a wide range of other coloyrs too colours. Sizes smal…
  • Philosophy Football .com hoodie

    Philosophy Football .com hoodie

    Made to the same exacting standards as our famous shirts, this garment should see you through to sunnier times while providing the warm glow of intellectual credibility too. Available in unisex s…
  • Philosophy Football .com  sweatshirt

    Philosophy Football .com sweatshirt

    Too cold for a t-shirt? We recommend our crew neck sweatshirt  in 100% heavy weight cotton. Made to the same exacting standards as our famous shirts, this garment should see…
  • tote bag tote bag

    The Philosophy Football logo in all its classic glory. Show off your intellectual credentials when doing the shopping. Christmas gift-wrap service. With exclusive Philosophy Football wrapping pap…
  • Against Mod£rn Football

    Against Mod£rn Football

    European Greed Lague, ever-increasing ticket prices, corporate hospitality boxes, gambllng firm logos taking up more space on a shirt than the club badge. Clubs' grounds losing their title in the …
  • The Money Game

    The Money Game

    With such vast wealth there is an uncanny habit of confusing being the richest league in the world with being the best. Inflation generally in western Europe since the early 1960s has been around fift…
  • England's Hope

    England's Hope

    Captain Stokes, Swashbuckling Bairstow, Multi-centurion Root, Anderson and Broad back and on fire.  An England to be hopeful for. Available in unisex sizes small (36inch chest/90cms), medi…
  • William Blake Jerusalem

    William Blake Jerusalem

    England's classic cricketing anthem. Blake's Jerusalem, those dark satanic mills replaced by zero-hour contracts, fire and rehire, the low-wage economy. A green and pleasant land facing the cata…
  • Nick Hornby England 's Pain

    Nick Hornby England 's Pain

    "I fell in love with football as I was later to fall in love with women: Suddenly. Inexplicably. Uncritically.  Giving no thought to the pain or disruption it woud bring with it." Nick Hornby, Feve…
  • Footballers Battalion t-shirt

    Footballers Battalion t-shirt

    Formed by volunteers in December 1914, at the start of the First World War, the Footballers' Battalion, aka 17th Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment, was made up largely of professional and amateur pl…
  •  Striker


    Resistance to austerity and 30-goals a season, a striker has the lot for any team looking for industry and action up front. The striker is a player with a touch of class, wear your position with pride…
  •  England Expects

    England Expects

    To help steady English footballing nerves what better than Horatio Nelson's words. Unisex sizes small (36 inch chest/90cms) and medium, (40 inch/100cms). Available as listed in drop down menu belo…
  • England Expects book

    England Expects book

    England Expects is the definitive history of the England football team. From the inaugural international matches in the mid-19th century, via the glories of 1966 through to 2010 to the advent of Fabi…
  • Scotland in Europe 2021

    Scotland in Europe 2021

    For all the hoo-hah, for the Union or for independence, it all disappears once Scotland crosses over the touchline. No Tartan Army is going to follow 'Team GB' into Europe, its independently or…
  • England in Europe 2021

    England in Europe 2021

    England's 2021 mission, to remain in Europe for as long as we can manage. No second referendum required, just Kane, Rashford and Sterling doing the business up front. Design features our …
  • Wales in Europe 2021

    Wales in Europe 2021

    What Wales fan will ever forget Euro  2016. The 'red Wall' stretching from Bordeaux to Lyon, then staying in longer, all the way to the semis, while England have long left the party, only goin…