About Us

"We don't sell T-shirts"

Good luck to them, at Philosophy Football we pride oiurselves in being a whole lot more.

It all began in October 1994. A bright spark by the name of Geoff Andrews who'd had to stomach a dull draw between Spurs and QPR at White Hart Lane, was round at Mark Perryman's flat in Tottenham and suggested a t-shirt with the immortal words of Albert Camus "All that I know most surely about morality and obligations I owe to football" across the chest. For reasons he's never been able to rationally explain Mark retorted "not a t-shirt, a goalie's top".

Soon enough Mark had rustled up enough orders to make the job worthwhile. But design is something Mark remains blissfully ignorant of. Help was at hand in the shape of artistic genius Hugh Tisdale, who was then designing a lefty newspaper Mark's partner edited. Knowing Hugh was a Villa fan Mark reckoned he might be up for the idea. And up for it, Hugh certainly was. A beautifully crafted bottle green shirt, quote on the front, name and squad number on the back was produced. And in short they've never looked back.

By Christmas the initial order of 20 had already become 120. As the New Year began Hugh and Mark made two fateful decisions. Firstly, with number one already sorted it only seemed logical to come up with an entire team of eleven. Secondly, the name "Philosophy Football" was born and the two of them have been styling themselves "sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction" ever since.

Cantona, Blanchflower, Shankly and Baudrillard followed in quick succession. With new additions as quotes came to their notice, with increasing numbers being posted in by fellow philosopher footballers. Now you can do the same by clicking on our quotations button and emailing in the quotes that you've unearthed.

This is no multinational enterprise. The duo are fans of football as the peoples' game not as an extension of corporate power. Hence their outright opposition to shoddy sponsors' logos ruining classic kits, and as for bri-nylon they'll have no sartorial truck with that neither. 100% cotton, and proudly unoffical is how they like it.

Since 1994 the range has extended to more than four teams' worth of this curious combination of philosophers and footballers. We've added other sports - cycling and cricket in particular - dissenters' T-shirts too, history, music, film and TV. We've dabbled with limited edition prints, mugs and designer-plates, published books and organised events. Probably most important of all in terms of spreading the Philosophy Football creed the launch of www.philosophyfootball.com and more recently @phil_football too. We have our own youtube channel and flickr page as well. 

But never ones for being too big for their boots Philosophy Football remains very much as it's always been. Hugh and Mark started it all off because they thought it would be a bit of a laugh. And while accountants, VAT inspectors, not to mention the odd lawyer have all cast their beady eyes over what they get up to, first and foremost they are still doing it because they enjoy it. Hugh designs the shirts and the whole extraordinary look of Philosophy Football. Mark writes the words, does the copy.  Jacquie packs the shirts and sends them out. Small, hands-on and near perfectly formed is the way they like it, they hope you will too.