• Maillot Gallois

    Maillot Gallois

    No translation necessary. An epic 2018 Tour, an historic first Welsh winner, our yellow jersey (well T-shirt to be precise) says it all in just two words en Francais plus a dragon, of course. Uni…
  •  Cycle Of Life

    Cycle Of Life

    From childhood scooters, balance bikes and stabilisers via off-road, dropped handlebars and an urban fixie, to a child seat on the back, touring and commuting. The cycle of life includes all this a…
  • Cycle Chain

    Cycle Chain

    It might be stretching a point but Philosophy Football has Karl Marx down as making a vital contribution to the art of bicycle maintenance (as legitimate or illegitimate as Zen and The Art Of Motor…
  • Midlife Cyclist

    Midlife Cyclist

    Wiggomania of 2012, Pendleton, Hoy and Trott on the track, Armistead winning the rainbow jersey at the Worlds Team Sky, Froome and now Thomas continuing their winning ways in Le Tour. Cycling has…
  • Froome 2017

    Froome 2017

    Feel the Fourth! Exclusive limited edition of just 59 garments. Yes, only 59 will be printed, marking Chris Froome's 59 days in the Yellow Jersey! A fourth Le Tour win in five years was an incr…