Pistols Holiday in the Sun

Pistols Holiday in the Sun


The fourth and final Sex Pistols single, Holidays in the Sun, by the original line up (Sid having replaced Matlock) sums up with wry observation what at the time was the New World Order, but now is decidedly the old one. 'I'm looking over the Wall and they're looking at me' just over ten years before the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. 40 years later America has elected a President on a platform to build a new one, this time on the Mexican border. Perhaps the world hasn't changed as much as we think?

Unisex size small (36inch chest/90cms). Plus Womens fitted sizes 10 and 12. Available as listed below.

Gift-wrapping service. With exclusive Philosophy Football wrapping paper and gift tag. To personalise your tag type the message you would like to add into the box below.

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