Clash 1977 hoodie

Clash 1977 hoodie

In April 1977 The Clash released their debut album, with Strummer, Jones, Simonon and Chimes kick-starting the punk'n'politics mix that in a short time they turned into Revolution Rock, to become for many the most important band ever.

As Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers explains: “The big watershed was the first Clash album - that was go out, cut your hair, stop mucking about time. Although the Damned and the Pistols were great, they were only exciting musically. Lyrically, I couldn't really make out a lot if it. To realise that the Clash were actually singing about their own lives in West London was like a bolt out of the blue.”

'1977' now available in winter-warmth style hooded sweatshirt.

Unisex size, designed to be worn over other clothing, medium (40inch chest/100cms), large (44inch/110cms)  and XL (48 inch/120cms). Availability as listed in the box below. 

Gift-wrapping service with exclusive Philosophy Football wrapping paper and gift tag. To personalise the tag please type the message fo us to include in the box provided

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