Catalan Republican Left

Catalan Republican Left

Catalan Republicaln Left banner

The 1936-39 Spanish Civil War pitted the democratially elected Republican government against the fascist Franco backed by the overwhelming military firepower military firepower provided by Hitler and Mussolini.

When Franco launched his asault on the Spanish Republic he united in oppsition Spain's disparate regions uncluding the Basque country, Gallcia and Catalonia. Our design is based on the banner of the Catalan Reoublican Left. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War while remaining true to the cause of Catalan independence the party immediately joined the Popular Front rightly recognising that Frabnco's fascism would make the end of the independence cause as he sought to subsime all of Spain to his fascist rule. In Catalonia the Republican Left led the Popular Front both politically and militarily. Following Franco's eventual victory the party was decalred illegal and forced underground.

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For further information on the Spanish Civil War and the International Brigades visit the excellent International Brrigade Memorial Trust website

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