D-Day Invasion Stripes

D-Day Invasion Stripes


Sleeveprint: D-Day against Fascism 6 June 1944

Our unique 'Invasion Stripes' design features the special, temporary markings carried by allied aircraft taking part in D-Day. The high-visibility black and white identification stripes were added to avoid these planes being shot down by our own side's ground troops.

These aircraft and their crews  played a vital role in the build up to D-Day. Allied bombers attacked road and rail networks, seeking to isolate the invasion area and make it difficult for the Germans to bring up reinforcements and equipment. Other parts of northern France were also attacked to keep the Germans guessing as to where the invasion would actually occur. On the eve of D-Day 5 June, the RAF dropped metal strips – codenamed ‘Window’ – and dummy parachutists to confuse the Germans’ radar and distract their forces.

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