D-Day Normandy Beaches

 D-Day Normandy Beaches

 D-Day Normandy Beaches


Sleeveprint: D-Day against Fascism 6 June 1944

6th June 1944, D-Day and the beginning of the end for Nazi-occupied western and northern Europe. The five Normandy beaches were each codenamed. Sword, where British tanks and infantry troops landed. Juno, where Canadian infantry in the first wave suffered 50% casualties. Gold, with British tanks and infantry affected by bad weather sinking their vital weaponry and supplies. Omaha, the most fortified of all the beaches was tackled by US forces. Utah, again involving US troops who by the end of D-Day had advanced the furthest inland. Our design features the codenames of all five beaches plus the shoulder flash of Eisenhower's Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF). 6 June 1944, a day against fascism, then, now and for ever.

Unisex sizes small (36inch chest/90cms), medium (40inch/100cms), large (44inch/110cms), XL (48 inch/ 120 cms) and XXL (52inch/130cms). Available as listed in the drop-down menu below

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