VE Day 75th

  • VE Day '45 Union Jack

    VE Day '45 Union Jack

    Sleeveprint: VE DAY 8 May 1945 Fascism Defeated At Philosophy Football we have made a point of marking key anniversaries of the Second World War. Not to 'celebrate' war and the carnage and destruct…
  •  Battle Of Britain Roundel

    Battle Of Britain Roundel

    "So much owed by so many to so few. " Battle of Britain 1940.

    The names of all 544 of the 'few'.  Sleeve print : 'So much owed by so many to so few.' Battle of Britain 1940. Through the summer and autumn of 1940 the Battle of Britain raged in the airspace…
  • Stalingrad Patriotic War Medal

    Stalingrad Patriotic War Medal

    Sleeveprint: Stalingrad 1942 The Hour of Courage The Nazi onslaught on the Russian city of Stalingrad was to be Hitler's strategy to complete the defeat of the Red Army. Yet within months, after d…
  • D-Day Invasion Stripes

    D-Day Invasion Stripes

    Our unique 'Invasion Stripes' design features the special, temporary markings carried by allied aircraft taking part in D-Day and subsequent operations. The high-visibility black and white identific…
  • Mainwaring &

    Mainwaring &

    "Mainwaring, Wilson, Jones, Frazer, Godfrey, Pike & Walker"

  •  Don't Panic!

    Don't Panic!

    "Don't Panic!"

    Dad's Army was first broadcast in 1968, a warm-hearted tribute to the home guard against Nazi Germany. And it still has plenty chuckling more than five decades on, with catch phrases that are now le…
  • We're Doomed

    We're Doomed

    Walmington-on-Seas's finest are on the march again, reintroduced this Christmas to lead the country over the top, full tilt towards Brexit!  Private Frazer, a proud Scotsman he is never entirely co…
  •  Battle Of Britain Poland

    Battle Of Britain Poland

    'For Freedom' with all Polish aircrew fatalities in the Battle of Britain listed. Sleeveprint: 'So much owed by so many to so few.  Battle of Britain 1940.' Aircrew from across Europe, from the…
  • Battle Of Britain Spitfire

    Battle Of Britain Spitfire

    Sleeveprint: "So much owed by so many to so few Battle of Britain 1940" The Spitfire was without doubt the most memorable aircraft flown by the RAF in World War Two. The Spitfire Mk 1 was in servic…
  •  Battle Of Britain Hurricane

    Battle Of Britain Hurricane

    Hawker Hurricane. Sleeveprint :' So much owed by so many to so few. Battle of Britain 1940.' While the Spitfire was the glamorous star aircraft of the Allied effort in the Battle of Britain, due to…
  • Hurricane print

    Hurricane print

    Drawn by Philosophy Football co-founder Hugh Tisdale, limited edition of 75 individually numbered signed. Prrint on heavyweight archival paper. Framed size 660x470mm.   Framed price includes …
  • ELAS Greek Resistance Army

    ELAS Greek Resistance Army

    In few countries was the resistance to the Nazi occupation as successful as in Greece. Our design is based on a the titling from a contemporary administrative building of the Greek People's Lib…
  •  Desert Rats

    Desert Rats

    The second battle of El Alamein that began on 23 October 1942 was one of the turning points of the Second World War. Reversing the tide of victories won by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy across North …
  •  RAF North Africa

    RAF North Africa

    Sleeveprint: People's War Against Fascism 1939-45. The roundel on this shirt is from the North African front and features the colours and markings of a RAF Hawker Hurricane Mark One Mk 1, V7524, TP…
  • Stalingrad Airforce

    Stalingrad Airforce

    "From the Politodelets Collective Farm to the Defenders of Stalingrad."

    Sleeveprint: Stalingrad 1942-1943 The Hour of Courage In 1942 the Nazi onslaught on the Russian city of Stalingrad was to be Hitler's strategy to complete the defeat of the Red Army. Yet within mon…
  • 1943 Atlantic Convoy

    1943 Atlantic Convoy

    SC130 with Merchant Navy Flag In 1943 on land, sea and air the tide turned against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Our Atlantic Convoy T-shirt symbolises the first time this vital supply line, made…
  • 1943 Dambusters

    1943 Dambusters

    Lancaster Fuselage markings, Dambusters Raid, May 1943  It was in 1943 on land, sea and air that the tide turned against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. On 17th May of that year the ingenious Bar…
  • 1943 Italian Resistance

    1943 Italian Resistance

    Volunteers of Liberty Corps Badge  In 1943 on land, sea and air the tide turned against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Our Italian Resistance T-shirt uses a badge from the Italian Partisans who f…
  • 1943 Kursk

    1943 Kursk

    T-34 Tank Outline, message on turret reads 'To Berlin'  Our Battle of Kursk T-shirt features in outline the Soviet tank, the T-34, so crucial to this the biggest of all tank battles in WW2, and w…
  • 1944 Monte Cassino

    1944 Monte Cassino

    16 May '44 the Polish 2nd Corps launch one of the final assaults on the Nazis' defence of Monte Cassino. Two days later this most bloody battle is won, the Polish flag, followed by the Union Jack is …
  • Armia Krajowa Poland Home Army

    Armia Krajowa Poland Home Army

    1st September 1939 - Nazi Germany invades Poland, two days later Britain and France declare war on Hitler, World War Two has begun. The Polish resistance to the occupation of their country began im…
  • D-Day Overlord

    D-Day Overlord

    Overlord' was the codename for the Battle of Normandy launched with the Allies' successful amphibious landings in occupied northern France. To hold the flanks of the beach head, and sow confusion,…
  • D-Day Beaches

    D-Day Beaches

    The D-day seaborne landings took place across five Normandy beaches. British troops were responsible for securing Gold and Sword, the Canadians the same for Juno, while American troops landed at Om…
  •  D-Day Hawker Typhoon

    D-Day Hawker Typhoon

    Sleeveprint: D-Day against Fascism 6 June 1944 6th June 1944, D-Day and the beginning of the end for Nazi-occupied western and northern Europe. Our design features the colours and markings of an RA…
  • 21st Army Group

    21st Army Group

    "21st Army Group : Northern France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. June 1944-May1945."

    Sleeveprint: VE Day, 8 May 1945, Fascism Defeated. Our design features the shoulder flash worn by the 21st Army Group. Commanded by Field Marshal 'Monty' Montgomery it consisted of British and Cana…