Italian Resistance

 Italian Resistance

Volunteers of Liberty Corps Badge 

In 1943 on land, sea and air the tide turned against Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and  Imperial Japan. Our Italian Resistance T-shirt uses a badge from the Italian Partisans who from 1943 onwards fought the Nazis and Fascists in the northern parts of their country not yet liberated by the Allies. The badge is taken from the Volunteers of Liberty Corps which brought together Communists, Socialists, Christian Democrats and Liberals alongside regular Italian army units in the Italian resistance that would play a vital role in the liberation of their country from Mussolini and his closest ally, Hitler.

Unisex sizes small (36inch chest/40cms chest) medium, (40inch/100cms) and large (44inch/110cms). Available as listed in the drop-down menu below.

Gift-wrapping service. With exclusive Philosophy Football gift wrap and tag. To personalise the tag type the message you would like us to add in the box provided.





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