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"The lovers of football are large, boisterous, nobby boys who are good at knocking down and trampling on slightly smaller boys."
Orwell, George

"The goalkeeper is the lone eagle, the man of mystery, the last defender."
Nabokov, Vladimir

"Football is War."
Michels, Rinus

"Football is the thing that formed me physically and has given me a great deal of spirituality."

"You cannot defend on your backside"
Moore, Bobby

"Win or lose, always on the booze"
Moore, Bobby

"The goal passes through a series of phases independent of the will of man."
Marx, Karl

"Soccer is one of the most unifying activities amongst us."
Mandela, Nelson

"If a man is greatly injured by a single person, and is not avenged to his satisfaction, he seeks, even with its ruin, to get his revenge."
Machiavelli, Niccolo

"Each succeeds in reaching the goal by a different method"
Machiavelli, Niccolo