50th aniversary Portuguese Carnation Revolution 1974

50th aniversary Portuguese Carnation Revolution 1974

By the 25 April 1974 dissidents who had been secretly organising in Portugal's armed forces took to the streets and finally ended the country's rule by a fascist dictatorship. In celebration, carnations replaced bullets in the soldiers' rifles and ever since have been the symbol of Portugal's revolutiion.

50 years later with the populist right on the rise in Portugal and everywhere else we celebrate the carnation as a symbol of our hope versus their hate.

We have adapted a huge mural that covers the side of a building on Portugal's Rua Natalia Correia painted by American artist Shepard Fairey.       

Unisex sizes small (36inch chest/90cms)  medium (40inch/100cms) large (44inch/110cms) XL (48inch/120cms and XXL (52inch/130cms). Availability as listed in drop-down munu

Gift-wrapping service. With exclusive Philosophy Football papeer and tag. To personalise your tag type the message you would like us to add into the 'special instructions' box on the payment checkout page.


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