Allende Chile 11.09.73

Allende Chile 11.09.73

11 September 1973, Salvador Allende, Chile's democratically elected president, was deposed in a violent coup. Early that morning the phone lines to Allende's office were cut, army officers loyal to the republic were arrested and shortly afterwards bombs from four British-made Hawker Hunter jets began slamming into the presidential palace. Allende refused to leave his post, making broadcasts to encourage the Chilean people until the last pro-government radio station was silenced, Allende killed.

The coup had been planned from the moment of Allende's victory in the 1970 elections. Business leaders in Chile, extreme right-wing groups, high-ranking officers in the Chilean military, the US government and the CIA worked together to secure a prompt and dramatic end to his radical social programme. 

Viva Allende!

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