Fidel 1926-2016

Fidel 1926-2016

"Sleeveprint : Hasta La Victoria Siempre Fidel Castro 1926-2016"



Fidel, with his compañero Che, was the architect of the '59 Cuban revolution. He saw off the Bay of Pigs invasion, hundreds of CIA assassination attempts - including the infamous exploding Havana cigar - and ensured his small island survived both JFK's Missiles Crisis and the resulting decades-long US blockade. Pioneer of the world's most successful literacy and childcare programs, provider of doctors and nurses to nations that otherwise could not afford them, it was Fidel who dispatched Cuban troops to help defeat Apartheid South Africa's armed attempt to turn Angola into a client state of the racist regime. No we don't agree with each and every action of Fidel, but we do recognise him as a giant for people on every continent the world over. 

Our  Fidel T-shirt is a practical act of solidarity, to be worn with internationalist pride.

Women's fitted style sizes 8, 10, 12. Available as listed in drop-down menu below.

Fidel design also available as a limited edition print from here.

Gift-wrap service. With exclusive Philosophy Football wrapping paper and gift tag. To personalise your tag type in the message you would like us to add into the box provided below. 

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