Steve Bell Brexit Day Mug

Steve Bell Brexit Day Mug


When Big Ben strikes 11pm on Friday 31st January Brexit will have arrived.

Who better to mark the occasion than Steve Bell, the country's leading political cartoonist and long-time Philosophy Football collaborator?

Steve's Brexit Day crest, exclusive to Philosophy Football, features a Prime Ministerial bottom, a reluctant-looking Queen, and in the PM's favourite language, a description of where the mess he's leading us into will end up, all on the finest bone china.

Note The first 1000 ordered will receive with their mug a free  signed art card of Steve's design, signed by Steve himself.


We will be taking orders right up to 10.59pm on the 31st, however the mug is a strictly limited edition of 3000, individually numbered, so to be sure order as soon as possible. Once Big Ben has struck, in the heart of Brexitland, Stoke-on-Trent, we'll be doing our best to help the local economy there survive by keeping one of the city's world famous potteries busy through the night and over the weekend.

PS In the event of Brexit not getting done on the 31st, once we've recovered from the shock, we'll gladly refund your order in full.


Product Code: 1611

Mug £18.50

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