Millions of People


Captain Ska release Millions Of People in tribute to the NHS and all key workers

Over the years Philosophy Football has been proud to work with a whole range of artists. Captain Ska are certainly amongst the finest of these, they describe themselves as ' producers of politically iinclined music' to which we'd only add, it's impossible to resist dancing to!

Their latest recording Millions of People (feat Arieleno) is a musical tribute to key workers in the NHS and care homes, the drivers of our trains and buses, cleaners and shop assistants, the emergency services, teachers and migrant agricultural labour. All of whom we clap for every Thursday, all of whom are helping us to survive the Coronavirus crisis, all of whom are otherwise undervalued, underpaid, working in services and industries that have been under-invested in. Once the clapping is over won't it be time for all that to change? 

Launched today ahead of tonight's'Clap'. Enjoy. 

Click on the image below to hear Millions of People and see the inspiring video.