No Fracking Way

 No Fracking Way

One half pf Philosophy Football is based in East Sussex, on the frontline in England againt Fracking. 1000 Fracking licences issued in this country alone, 10,000 acres given over to drilling, an estimated 100,000 tres would be cut down. The dash for oil at the cost of the environment and locals' health. Designed by renowned illustrator and Philosophy collaborator Dan Murrell, a chilling vision of what our green and pleasant land could be turned into. For further info on anti-fracking see Frack Off.

Unisex sizes small (36inch chest/90cms), medium (40inch/100cms), large (44inch/110cms), XL (48inch/120cms) and XXL (52inch/130cms).Plus! Women's fitted style (34-36inch chest/70-90cms). Available as listed in drop-down menu below.

Gift-wrapping service. With exclusive Philosophy Football wrapping=paper and gift tag. To personalise the tag type any message you would like us to add into the box below.

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