•  Terry Thomas

    Terry Thomas

    The classic upper-class rogue in countless Disney movies, loveable because of his bungling inability to carry off his dastardliness. Terry Thomas drawn street-art style exclusively for Philosopohy Foo…
  • We're Doomed

    We're Doomed

    Walmington-on-Seas's finest are on the march again, reintroduced this Christmas to lead the country over the top, full tilt towards Brexit!  Private Frazer, a proud Scotsman he is never entirely co…
  •  Don't Panic

    Don't Panic

    "Don't Panic!"

    Dad's Army was first broadcast in 1968, a warm-hearted tribute to the home guard against Nazi Germany. And it still has plenty chuckling more than five decades on, with catch phrases that are now le…
  • Mainwaring &

    Mainwaring &

    "Mainwaring, Wilson, Jones, Frazer, Godfrey, Pike & Walker"