Stealing All Transmissions (book)

Stealing All Transmissions (book)
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Randal Doane has produced a superb account from an American viewpoint of The Clash and placed their career and legacy firmly in context.

Starting with the rise of The Clash from the cradle of UK Punk, Randal records the emergence of the likes of Television, Talking Heads, Ramones in the USA 

There is a compelling description of The Clash’s two night stint at the New York Palladium in 1979 which vividly describes the opening of the show and reminds us what this book is essentially about, the music. By 1980, The Clash were embarking on a three week residency on Times Square. They graduated to playing stadiums and claimed America as their own, also paving the way for the later success of  U2.

It is a very diferent take to the usual on The Clash, and all the better for that.

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