2 Tone Union Jack

2 Tone Union Jack

2 Tone followed on from Rock against Racism (RAR), the original Specials final gig was the Leeds Rock against Racism Carnival of '81. But unlike the dayglo DIY activism of RAR, 2 Tone was a musical movement that hardly had to spell out what it was against, the music, the bands' line-ups, the dancing and the fashions did that for it. No, not everybody got it, but most did and in the process embraced everything good about the making of a multiculutural Britain out of wave after wave of immigration going right back to the Romans, Vikings and Normans.  40 plus years on a  2 Tone flag for a 2 Tone Nation in the era of a rising populist racism is a flag we're proud to fly today.    

Available in unisex size medium (40inc chesth/100cms)

Gift-wrapping service. With exclusive Philosophy Football wrapping paper and gift tag. To personalise your tag, type the message you would like us to include into the box provided below.

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Medium £26.00

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