Somme 1916

Somme 1916

On 1st July 1916, after a week-long artillery barrage of over one million shells, combined British and French armies launched the Battle of the Somme, planned in part to relieve pressure on the French at Verdun, but intended in the main to tear a great hole in the German defences for massed cavalry to exploit.

By the end of the first day the British divisions had suffered over 57,000 casualties, including almost 20,000 dead. This mass slaughter of Kitchener's army of volunteers, those who had signed up in 1914 in the euphoria of the moment, turned the Somme into a metaphor for the senseless waste of human life. The battle lasted 140 further days, with losses, both Allied and German, reaching over 1 million, for the gain of a few pulverised miles of ruined earth.

Our commemorative design lists the individual phases of the battle, names haunting the memories of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish regiments, and those of Newfoundland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada.

The German defenders suffered equally heavy losses due to the relentlessness of the onslaught, but over two more years were needed for the conflicht to reach its exhausterd conclusion.

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