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"For those who desire not simply an aimless skipping from instance to instance, an integral central movement will take us forward towards a great goal."

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


The Agrarian Question and 'The Critics of Marx' might not be the most obvious place to find the tactical masterplan to re-organise a midfield drifting into non-activity. An early proponent of route one, Lenin's team kept their eyes on one step forwards, not too many backwards, towards the other lot's six-yard box. A touch inflexible, rigid even, Leninist football rejects the appeal of talented but disorderly infantile youth in favour of the centrality of class upfront. Never mind United, our shirt features the one, only and original 'Red Army', preparing to conquer all opposition.

Unisex size small (36 inch chest/90cms)

Product Code: 746

Small £9.99

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