Mainwaring &

Mainwaring &

"Mainwaring, Wilson, Jones, Frazer, Godfrey, Pike & Walker"

Formed in May 1940 Britain''s Home Guard was the country's first line of defence in the fsce of a very real threat of a Nazi invasion. The most famouys platoon of thrse local herors is of course  Walmington-on-Seas's finest. Captain Mainwaring in charge (after a fashion) with Sergeant Wilson at his side. Lance-Corporal Jones is ready with his bayonet ' they don't like it up 'em' while Frazer is convinced we're all doomed. Godfrey has the first aid covered, Pike is doing his best not to be a 'stupid boy' and Walker has nice line in nylons. A warm, and typically English, apprecitation of those who seved, no wonder the Nazis never invaded.

Unisex sizes small (36 inch chest/90cms) and medium (40 inch/100cms). Available as listed,  strictly unofficial, only available in khaki, of course.

Christmas Gift wrap with exclusive Philosophy Football wrapping-paper and gift. If you wish us to personalise your message please type in to the box provided below.



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