Cru Verdun

Cru Verdun

"Cru Verdun 21 Février/20 Décembre 1916 Courage, On les aura!"

Cru Verdun

Commemorating the 2016 centenary of the colossally wasteful and largely inconclusive Battle of Verdun, our shirt marks the sacrifice of up to half a million dead, wounded and missing French soldiers.

'Cru Verdun' describes the 'crop' of Frenchmen who passed through and survived the ten-month hell of heavy artillery, gas and flame in order to preserve French honour by holding this symbolic military prize against the German Chief of Staff Falkenhayn's plan to 'bleed France to death', an experience which set them apart for the rest of their lives. The French commander Petain's rallying cry at the moment of crisis - "Courage, We'll have them yet" - inspired a heroic resistance which was to acquire near-mythical status in French culture.

Unisex size small (36inch chest/90cms). Available as listed in drop-down menu below.

Gift wrap serviceWith exclusive Philosophy Football wrapping paper and gift tag. If you would like us to personalise the gift tag type your meesage for us to add in the box provided below. 

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