Bowie Sound & Vision

Bowie Sound & Vision

"Sound And Vision"

Bowie Sound & Vision

Sound and vision, in two words the work, life and legacy of David Bowie. He showed a generation how to be heroes, if only for one day, by being themselves, whatever or whoever that may be. He pushed at and broke pre-existing boundaries of possibilities in his music and personal invention in a way that enable others not simply to follow but to become part of this journey. And the Bowie we became could be whatever we wanted it to be, from Ziggy to soulboy, or soulgirl, wedgecut via new romantic to bringing the disparate cultures of Berlin or New York into our lives via record player, walkman, ipo or smartphone.

Sound and vision, a stand-out track and single from the 1977 Bowie album Low. We had hundreds of records to choose from for inspiration, but we felt the simplicity of the two words were perfect for this moment.

Women's fitted (34 inch/70 cms/ size 12). 

Gift wrap. Exclusive Philosophy Football wrappoing paper and giuft tag. To personalise the gift tag type into the box below the message you would like us to add. 




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Womens fitted £24.00

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