1945 USA

1945 USA
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Sleeveprint: VE Day Fascism Defeated 8 May 1945

At Philosophy Football we have made a point of marking key anniversaries of the Second World War. Not to 'celebrate' war and the carnage and destruction it brings, but to mark the human solidarity and sacrifice that resulted in the defeat of Hitler and Mussolini. From Battle of Britain Polish aircrew to the French and Italian resistance, via the Arctic and Atlantic convoys, the Desert Rats of North Africa, the Red Army of Stalingrad and Kursk, the US, Canadian and British landings of D-Day, and more.

On 8th May 2015, the 70th anniversary of VE Day will be marked. Our new set of shirts celebrates the popular front against fascism that created the conditions for its final defeat. These designs symbolise the Allied American and British forces, the Soviet Red Army, the Free French, but they also celebrate the proof of victory for those same wider populations. A moment in time for millions of eye-witnesses, civilian and military.

Commemorating the cause, then, now and forever. Internationalism vs Tyranny.

Unisex size small (36inch chest/90cms)

Product Code: 1210

Small £6.00

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