1943 Atlantic Convoy

1943 Atlantic Convoy
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1943 Atlantic Convoy

SC130 with Merchant Navy Flag / Sleeveprint : Fighting Fascism 1943-2013

In 1943 on land, sea and air the tide turned against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Our Atlantic Convoy T-shirt symbolises the first time this vital supply line, made up mainly of unarmed merchant vessels under Royal Navy escort, successfully crossed the ocean from the USA and Canada to Britain without a single ship lost. Already in March 1943 ships lost totalled 82, in April 39 and earlier in May another 19. Convoy SC130 reached Liverpool on 26 May, no losses and 5 U-boat submarines sunk. This was a decisive blow against Hitler and shortly after all U-Boat operations in the Atlantic were forced to cease.

1943 was a year of victories against fascism, a cause we celebrate for then, now and for ever. Originally produced for the 70th aniversary of Convoy SC130, in 2013. For details of the key role of the Convoys in maintaining supplies for the defeat of Fascism visit the WW2 Convoys website

Unisex size small (36 inch chest/90cms) 

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Small £6.00

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