1915 Fusiliers

1915 Fusiliers
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"1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, 29th Division, W Beach, Cape Helles, 25 April 1915. Sleeveprint: Remembering Gallipoli 1915-2015" 1915 Fusiliers

The Gallipoli campaign was a seaborne invasion of Ottoman Turkey, an attempt to break the lethal stalemate of the northern European trench warfarer. The aim was to capture Constantinople (Istanbul), force Turkey's withdrawal from the war and use this as a base to persuade the Balkan states to join the war and defeat Germany. One of the beaches British troops landed on at the outset of this doomed venture was 'W' beach, to the west of Cape Helles, the southernmost tip of the Gallipoli Peninsula. 1st Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers were part of this landing, once ashore they faced a fearsome firefight from the entrenched Turkish forces. Heavy losses decimated the Battalion before eventually by early morning they were able to establish a beachhead. Six Victoria Crosses were awarded to the Fusiliers, known for ever after as 'Six VCs before Breakfast'.

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