Jam Eton Rifles

Jam Eton Rifles
Jam Eton RiflesJam Eton Rifles

"Thought you were clever when you lit the fuse, Tore down the House of Commons in your brand new shoes."

The Jam

Sleeveprint: Buckler, Foxton & Weller 1977-82 

The Jam played their last live performance on 11 December 1982. The explosive mix of Weller's lyrics wth Foxton and Buckler driving the rhythms remain a never to be forgotten sound. For our strictly unofficial shirt we have ransacked the lyrics of our favourite Jam song for what we think is a spot-on analysis of Old Etonian Boris Johnson's at Nunber Ten and his deadly buffoonish mishandling of the Coronavirus crisis while his to aide's actins are causing 'a row going on down near Slough', and everywhere else for that matter.

Unisex sizes small (36inch chest/90cms) and medium (40inch/100cms).

Gift-wrapping. With Exclusive Philosophy Football gift wrap and tag. To personalise the tag type your message into the box below.

Product Code: 879

Small £25.00

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