Enemy Within (Classic)

 Enemy Within (Classic)

 Enemy Within (Classic)

ALL PROFITS FROM THIS SHIRT DONATED TO THE Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

PLUS! Half-price and postage-free Enemy Within book when purchased with your T-shirt.

Remember Season 1984/85? Digging deeper for the miners. Frankie Goes to Hollywood at number one. Everton win the league championship. And a medium-sized t-shirt was ample big enough. For those whose principles have endured the test of time a thirtieth anniversary T-shirt in classic 'Coal not Dole' colours. And perhaps best of all raise funds to expose the cover-ups and illegalities behind the policing of the miners strike at Orgreave. Many of those police officers five years later would be involved in another cover-up, at Hillsborough.


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HALF-PRICE! The Enemy Within by Seumas Milne. In a fully revised and updated edition for the thirtieth anniversary Seumas Milne reveals the astonishing lengths to which the government, its intelligence machine and the police were prepared to go to destroy the power of Britain's miners' union. And pay no extra postage either. Full book details from he

The book can also be bought separately fromhere

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Women’s Fitted £5.00

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