D-Day '44

  • D-Day Invasion Stripes

    D-Day Invasion Stripes

    Our unique 'Invasion Stripes' design features the special, temporary markings carried by allied aircraft taking part in D-Day and subsequent operations. The high-visibility black and white identific…
  • D-Day Overlord

    D-Day Overlord

    Overlord' was the codename for the Battle of Normandy launched with the Allies' successful amphibious landings in occupied northern France. To hold the flanks of the beach head, and sow confusion,…
  • D-Day Beaches

    D-Day Beaches

    The D-day seaborne landings took place across five Normandy beaches. British troops were responsible for securing Gold and Sword, the Canadians the same for Juno, while American troops landed at Om…