NHS vaccination programme key workers fundraising

NHS vaccination programme key workers fundraising

Since the start of the crisis Philosophy Football has been raising funds for NHS workers, food banks, and community support initiatives in the two small towns we are based in, Harwich and Lewes.

There are advantages in being a small company. The two founders, Hugh and Mark, work at home. Our dispatch manager Jacquie is a one-person-operation so 'social distancing' is nothing new, the dispatch office is within walking distance from Jacquie's home.  Our printers are only coming in to print once a week. So we can stay in business, dispatch shirts and maintain our commitment to the prevention of the spread of the virus. But more than that help our towns through the crisis. 

By customers foregoing discounts we have been able to donate £5 from eveyr sale of the 'Born in th NHS' T-shirt, which with additional customers donations  has raised £960 to fund free Sunday meals, breakfast, lunch and supper for all 60 staff in the Princess Royal Hospital's Intensive Therapy Unit ,Haywards Heath. A further £1007 has been donated to a range of community help initiatives in Harwich. And most recently from sales of the Shankly T-shirt we donated as a company  £120 for Lewes food banks.

Now you can add a donation to any purchase, 100% will fund these efforts of our's.  If you can, a huge thanks, it is via such solidarity we'll see off this deadly virus, together. 



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