• Euro Le Frog 2016

    Euro Le Frog 2016

    In 1966 the very first World Cup Mascot was adopted, one of the three lions in the shape of World Cup Willie, complete with fab four style mop-top. We thought we'd mark the 50th anniversary of this…
  • Euro France 2016

    Euro France 2016

    After the terror attacks in Paris last November, and in particular the attempt to bomb the Stade de France, Euro 2016 is always going to be a tournament under the threat of being in the news for al…
  • Euro Northern Ireland 2016

    Euro Northern Ireland 2016

    The first time at a major championship since Mexico '86, Northern Ireland's green army of fans makes a triumpant return, having followed their team through a table-topping qualifying campaign. With…
  • Euro England 2016

    Euro England 2016

    A flawless qualifying campaign doesn't always lead to glory at the finals, but with a squad of young players bursting to prove themselves on a tournament stage, the summer of 2016 promises to be a …
  •  Philosopher


    Small print: 20 years of Philosophy Football 1994-2014 In October 2014 Philosophy Football celebrates 20 years as self-styled 'sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction'. What makes us un…
  •  Laurel & Hardy Rosettes

    Laurel & Hardy Rosettes

    The politics of tweedledum and tweedledee as repressented by the red and blue rosettes of the grearest clowns of all, Laurel and Hardy. Unisex sizes small (36inch chest/90cms), medium (40inch/100cm…
  •  Syriza 2015

    Syriza 2015

    Sleeveprint: Syriza 2015 For all of 2015 the world’s eyes were on Greece. The Syriza government elected in January under the leadership of Alexis Tspiras threatened to shake up the European e…
  •  Camus Clough & Counter Culture

    Camus Clough & Counter Culture

    "20 years of Philosophy Football" Camus Clough & Counter Culture

    Limiited edition T-shirt which accompanied the exhibition of the same name celebrating 20 years of Philosophy Football. Unisex sizes medium (40 inch chest/90cms), Xlarge (48inch/110cms). Plus! Wome…
  •  Emily Deeds

    Emily Deeds

    4 June 1913, Emily Wilding Davison stepped on to the Epsom Racecourse to stop the Derby. A heroic, yet fatal, this action was the single most important protest in a mass, and militant, campaign by …
  • 49 Shades

    49 Shades

    Count up the shades of grey, where's the 50th? The shirt itself. Ingeniously subtle and strictly unofficial T-shirted tribute to therunaway best-seller of the year, to be worn as day or night wear. …
  •  Adrian Mitchell

    Adrian Mitchell

    "Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people." Adrian Mitchell

    The 'shadow poet laureate' Adrian Mitchell was a lyrical dissenter from '68 and the anti-Vietnam War to Stop the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Adrian sadly passed away in December '08, a month earlier…