Clash Night '77

Clash Night '77
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2017, Saturday 8th April, on the 40th anniversary of the 1977 release of The Clash, the band’s debut album, 'Clash Night '77 is a Philosophy Football night out both to remember all the anger for change The Clash helped ignite back in ’77, together with a celebration of the Clash's culture of resistance which continues, alive and kicking, today. 

How? Side one will be played in its entirety, live,'as was' by punk rock jukebox's 48 Thrills featuring Steve North from the acclaimed stageplay Meeting Joe Strummer.
Side two played as 'now' remixed and rewritten by artists of today. Featuring solo artists Sean McGowan with Nia Wyn and Joe Solo. Spoken word by Emily Harrison and punk quartet Dream Nails.
Linking '77 to 2017 specially comissioned sets by Attila the Stockbroker and Comrade X.
Opening the night, the Rock Against Racism photography of Syd Shelton plus solo set by the Lone Groover with ranting verse of from Poetry on the Picket Line.  
And for the unwritten future, a headlining 'riotous protest music' (TIme Out) from the sensational Captain Ska
The night opens with a panel including Daniel Rachel author of The Walls Come Tumbling Down Dave Randall author of the forthcoming book Sound System: The Political Power of Music  Red Saunders and Roger Huddle, founders of Rock Against Racism and editors of Reminiscences of RAR with writer and artist Caroline Coon, manager of The Clash 1978-80. Pandit G of Asian Dub Foundation and ex-music journalist Ngaire Ruth from Loud Women Club
The show will be at the excellent Rich Mix Arts Centre in Shoreditch, East London, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA. Doors open 6.00pm, show starts 7.00pm.
Tickets just £9.99. Book as a group of five and five tickets for the price of four, group of ten tickets for the price of seven. 
Presented in association with a union that defends Career Opportunities for all, the RMT. And because without them London's Burning, the Fire Brigades Union too. The new Trade Union Pale Ale is provided by Brigadista Ale, and  R2 the Rock'n'Reel magazine are our media sponsor. 


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