1966 And Not All That (book)

1966 And Not All That (book)
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Published by Repeater Books and edited by the co-founder of Philosophy Football Mark Perryman, 1966 and Not All That , at over 500 pages, is as comprehensive as it is imaginative. This is a book as much about the meaning of '66 as the matches. 

1966 and Not All That  is a unique 50th anniversary collection of superlative writing and new football thinking, there has never before been a book quite like this on English football's singular Golden Moment. 50 years on isn't it about time there is? 

A first-ever oral history of '66 combined with match reports by present-day authors from each of England's opponents at the tournament create a highly original view of the tournament.

Chapters record how the fans watched the games, the grounds where the matches were played, newspaper and TV reporting are each revisited to create a rounded picture of the World Cup. The state of football in England and West Germany is chronicled as well as how '66 was organised. The politics, culture and society of '66 are examined too.

Writers from Germany and Scotland give an outsider's view of England lifting the trophy. And after '66? The forces of fan resistance in England and Germany that have found common cause in opposition to the corporate takeover of the game are explored, a post-national football culture and the growth of football tourism. The book concludes with an entirely new ranking system that calculates England's fall, and occasional rise, from 1966 to 2016, showing who has overtaken England and why.

Full list of contributors: Marcela Mora y Araujo, Philippe Auclair, Asif Burhan, Carlos Calderón Cardoso, Frederico Duarte Carvalho, Philip Cornwall, Nick Davidson, Mark Doidge, Stuart Fuller, David Goldblatt, Sven Goldmann, Leonardo Haberkorn, Gerry Hassan, Markus Hesselmann, Joe Kennedy, Simon Kuper, Amy Lawrence, Simon Inglis, Claus Melchior, Mark Perryman, Sanaa Qureshi, Steve Redhead, Rob Steen, Alan Tomlinson,Richard Weight, Claire Westall and John Williams.


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