15th Brigade

15th Brigade
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The 1936-39 Spanish Civil War pitted the democratially elected Republican government against the fascist Franco backed by the overwhelming military firepower military firepower provided by Hitler and Mussolini.

In this unequal battle for Spain's land and freedom the Republican government enjoyed the support of International Brigades made up of vilunterrs who defied their governments to go to Spain to join the battle against fascism. Our design is based on the banner of the 15th Brigae which consisted mainly of English-speaking volunteers, from Britain, Ireland Canada and the USA as well as those from the Balkans, Cuba France and Belgium. The Brigade fought with distibction while sufering heavy losses at the crucial battles of Jarama and Brunete.

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For further information on the Spanish Civil War and the International Brigades visit the excellent International Brrigade Memorial Trust website

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