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Sleeveprint: El Alamein North Africa against Fascism 1942-2012 DesertRats

The second battle of El Alamein that began on 23 October 1942 was one of the turning points of the Second World War. Reversing the tide of victories won by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy across North Africa since 1939 Monty's Eighth Army, popularly known as 'the desert rats' fought and won the decisive battle of the Allies' Western Desert Campaign. North Africa in some parts continues to fight for freedom and democracy against cruel dictatorship today but El Alamein remains a famous beacon in the fight against fascism then,now, and for ever. Details of the history of the badge here

Our design is based on the 8th Army's British 7th Armoured Division 'desert rat' badge, painted on their tanks and all other vehicles, worn as a shoulder flash and became emblematic of the Allied forces in the region and their most famous victory at El Alamein in 1942.

Sizessmall (36 inch chest/90cms), medium (40inch/100cms), large (44inch/110cms), XL (48inch/120cms) and XXL (52inch/130cms). Available as listed in drop-down menu below.

Originally produced for the 70th anniversary of El Alamein, 2012.




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